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Website FAQ

The following information includes frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new CALAPRS website, launched February 1, 2017. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact the CALAPRS office for assistance at or (415) 764-4860.


View a short video for how to join a Round Table Group, subscribe to email updates, make a post, and more. 


Account Management

Q: What is a Master Account?

A: Each retirement system member of CALAPRS has a Master Account designated to manage their membership including annual dues, sub-accounts for staff and trustees, System Profile pages for the Directory, Job Board postings, Invoices, and more. See below for details about these items. The login for this account was initially provided to the Retirement System Administrator/CEO and may be shared internally with administrative staff at their discretion. Individual sub-accounts may also be given certain account management privileges at the request of the Administrator/CEO.  

Q: What is a Sub-account?

A: Retirement system staff and trustees are given Sub-accounts to be able to sign-in to the CALAPRS website and take advantage of the benefits of their membership including registering to attend programs, Round Table Group discussion forums, Directory searches, viewing the Job Board, and more.  See below for instructions about how to create a sub-account within a Master Account.

Q: How can I get an account to sign in to the CALAPRS website?

A: CALAPRS created accounts for many current contacts from each retirement system prior to launching the new website. You can check to see if you have an existing account by entering your email address in the Forgot my username or password page. If you do not have an existing account, please keep reading:

Accounts are available for retirement system staff and trustees, as well as a single account for each annual sponsor firm. Retirement System staff or trustees, submit an account request to the CALAPRS office or contact the person at your retirement system with access to your Master Account.  To become an annual sponsor, visit the Sponsorship page. If you are renewing your sponsorship and unable to log in, contact CALAPRS.

Q: Can I create or manage the staff and trustee accounts for my own Retirement System?

A: Yes! Sign in to your system’s Master Account. Then go to Manage Profile and then click Sub-accounts. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view a list of your sub-accounts. For each account, you will see the option to: edit their contact information, detach them from your account, suspend their account, view their profile, or sign into their account.

To create a new sub-account for an individual, click “Create Sub-accounts” in the pink box at the top and complete the form. To allow the individual(s) to create their own account, either send them the current Sub-accounts Direct Link shown on the page, or enter their email address to send them an automated invitation.

Q: Can I export a list of all existing staff and trustee accounts associated with my Retirement System?

A: Yes! Sign in to your system’s Master Account. Then go to Manage Profile and then click Sub-accounts. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Export Sub-accounts” and click the link in the pop-up window to download a .csv file of all current accounts.

Q: Is there an easy way to create new accounts for multiple staff or trustees all at once?

A: Yes! Send an Excel spreadsheet to with the following information fields for each person: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Professional Title, Phone Number, Primary Round Table Group (if applicable).

Q: Can I sign in as someone else from my Retirement System?

A: If you been granted access to the Master Account, you have the ability to sign in as other individuals from your system in order to register them from events, make changes to their profile and settings, etc. To sign in to another person’s account, sign in to your Master Account, then go to Manage Profile and then click Sub-accounts. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green arrow icon next to their name.


Profile Updates

Q: How do I update my contact information or add a profile photo?

A: Sign in to your website account and click “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner. Then click [EDIT] in the section header of the area you would like to update.

Q: How do I change my username or password?

A: Sign in to your website account and click “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner. Then click [EDIT] in the section header. Click (change) next to username or password.

Q: How do I hide my contact information from the Directory search?

A: By default, your profile information will be visible to logged in CALAPRS members.  To show or hide individual fields, sign in to your website account and click My Profile in the upper right-hand corner. Then click [EDIT] in the section header of the area you would like to update. Click the visibility preferences icon next to the field you wish to change, and then select either “Private” to hide your information from everyone except CALAPRS staff OR “Members Only” to show your information to logged in members only. Once you have made changes, you can preview your listing by searching for yourself in the Directory Search.

Q: How can I update my Retirement System’s information Profile Pages that appear in the System Directory Search?

A: Each Retirement System’s Master Account has the ability to update the Profile and Investments Pages at any time. To edit these pages, sign in to the system’s Master Account then go to Manage Profile and then click My Pages. Click the button to edit (looks like a pencil and paper), make your changes, then click “Save”.



View the short video below to learn how to join a group, make a post, and more: 

Having trouble viewing this video? Click here.

Q: How can I join a Round Table Group?

A: Visit the Round Table Groups page to view all available Groups and click on the name of the one you would like to join. At the top of the home page click “Join Group”. To verify which groups you have joined, click Groups under the My Profile menu. All members must join at least one Group.

NOTE: Requests to join the Administrators’ Group must be manually approved by the CALAPRS staff.  Use the same method as above to submit a request to join.

Q: How can I change my Primary Round Table Group?

A: All members must have a Primary Round Table Group. If you do not fall into any of the available categories, you will simply be assigned to “All Members” instead. If you need to change your Primary Group, please contact the CALAPRS office for assistance.

Q: How can I receive email updates about discussion forum posts in a Round Table Group?

A: First make sure you are a member of the group (see instructions above). Then visit the forum and click the “Forum Actions” dropdown menu on the right-hand side. Then select “Subscribe to Instant Updates” or “Unsubscribe”. To view and manage all of your current subscriptions, go to Manage Profile and then Forum Settings.


Registration & Payments

Q: How do I register online for a program?

A: If you are registering for yourself, navigate to the event listing in the Program Calendar and click “Register”. You will have the option to pay online by credit card or create an invoice billed to your retirement system.

If you are registering someone else, the best way is to sign in as that person through your retirement system’s Master Account (see “Can I sign in as someone else from my Retirement System?” above), then complete the form with his/her account. If you do not have access to the Master Account, simply sign in to your own account, click the link to Register for the event and fill out the form, changing the information in the auto-filled fields as needed.  

Q: Can I get an invoice for my registration fee for a program?

A: Yes! Simply select “Bill to: Master Account” on the checkout page of the registration form. An invoice will be automatically assigned to your Retirement System for later payment.

Q: If I choose the invoice option for my event registration fee, do I need to pay it before attending the event, or will CALAPRS continue to bill my system twice per year (as before)?

A: Round Table and Staff Training program fees do not need to be paid prior to attending the event. CALAPRS will continue to bill your retirement system twice per year for any outstanding invoices in June and December, as before, however you now have the option to pay sooner if that is easier for your internal processes. 

Q: How can I pay my Retirement System’s annual membership dues online?

A: Sign in to your system’s Master Account (if you do not have this information, contact CALAPRS or your system’s Administrator for more information). Then go to Manage Profile and then click Membership Information.


Job Board

Q: How do I post or edit a job opening?

A: Sign in to your system’s Master Account (see above). Then go to Job Board and click Submit an Opening.

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